Ray Baysden
CurrentInternational Security Advisor

Ray Baysden is a seasoned international security and intelligence professional with over 30 years experience in program direction and crisis management. His career and expertise encompass solid positions in the fields of US Army Military Intelligence, US State Department Foreign Service and Diplomatic Security, the US Intelligence Community, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, and Humanitarian, Development and Law Enforcement operations in conflicted, degraded environments.
He served as Chief of the United Nations’ Joint Mission Analysis Centre in Haiti, advancing the organization’s efforts to stabilize the country and headed-up intelligence operations in concert with the UN’s military and police personnel.
A former U.S. Army (Military Intelligence) Captain and Vietnam veteran, Baysden joined the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security in 1975, helped orchestrate protection services for foreign dignitaries and for the US Secretary of State’s visits to Egypt, South America, and the United Kingdom.
During his two decades with the State Department, Mr. Baysden held key positions in U.S. Embassies in Pakistan, Syria, Haiti, and Ivory Coast. He also monitored classified intelligence as Deputy Director of the Office of Intelligence Support and Chief of INR’s Watch. Later, he led the State Department and USAID’s start-up security and support operations for the War Crimes Tribunal in Rwanda.
Following his mission as Chief of the Office of Security for the United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia, Baysden was engaged by the United Nations Children’s program to help shore up the agency’s security program. While there, he conducted comprehensive assessments in Haiti and Colombia and acted as Chief of the Operations Centre, responsible for supporting UNICEF field operations in countries deemed to have critical emergency situations.
In the years that followed, Ray Baysden was appointed Deputy Chief of the International Monetary Fund’s office of overseas operations. He also held the posts of Senior Security Advisor and Corporate Security Director for Chemonics International, where he managed remote security and crisis mitigation operations in Nigeria, Haiti, and Afghanistan. In 2007, he rejoined the United Nations to institute safeguards for its operations in West Africa.
Mr. Baysden holds two Master’s degrees: International Relations and National Security and Strategic Studies.