Voice Over IP

About Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Olympusat Telecom offers premier quality amongst business Voice Over IP (VOIP) providers. Olympusat Telecom VOIP delivers unified communications solutions that bring productivity to any type of business or home at just a fraction of the cost. We provide major cost savings of IDDD, higher productivity, seamless service along with easy set up. In addition, you can combine all of your communication needs with one service provider; one company, one bill!

Olympusat Telecom VOIP’s secure and quality service offers a combination of voice, data and Internet delivered over a private and secure network, all available at a very low operational cost. Olympusat Telecom VOIP helps streamline businesses’ operational processes by allowing them to create a foundation for advanced and unified communications.

Product Features

  • Includes fast uploads and downloads with speeds up to 20Mbps

  • Offers voice with long distance and calling features

  • Includes features such as call-forwarding, 3-way calling and domain name services

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