About our Roku Channel

Launch a roku channel with Olympusat Telecom and stream your content through the most popular streaming device on the market. Through Roku’s affordable price, ease of use, high performance and quality channel support, you will be able to stream your content directly to the TV screen bringing you a step closer to delivering content straight to the consumer in the new multi-screen world (web/mobile/TV).

Currently 5 million households utilize Roku for their entertainment and streaming media needs each and every day, a vast increase from 2 million subscribers in 2007. In fact, a recent study showed that more people are cutting cable and satellite services in exchange for set-top-boxes and online streaming, due to the lack of cable operators offering an a la carte service, forcing people to pay for channels they do not watch. By building a Roku channel and streaming your content, directly to the consumer, you will be able to reach millions of people daily that you did not have access to through other sources of traditional media.

Olympusat Telecom can help you create your Roku channel to meet your organization’s specific content distribution needs quickly and easily. Our Roku channel service is customizable, simple to deploy and extremely cost effective. Let Olympusat Telecom build your Roku channel, helping you connect with over 5 million households instantly!

Product Features

  • Viewers can easily find and watch your content through Roku’s user-friendly platform.
  • Olympusat Telecom’s Roku Channel service provides a custom turn-key, fully supported and cost effective solution.
  • Enhance your customer’s video experience by delivering content right to the TV screen.

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