OT Connect & Campus Pages

About OT Connect and Campus Pages

OT Connect is a new turnkey solution that allows your organization the opportunity to engage and connect with your audience through our hosted online video platform. Offering the ability to integrate video, social media, eCommerce, real-time chat and more, OT Connect is your destination for a robust and secure website that can be customized to fit your company’s fast-growing needs.

By providing our clients with the option of integrating our effective solution into their own website, or as a customized extension of OlympusatConnect.com, OT Connect is your source for communicating with your audience through the power of online media and entertainment.

Through the power of online video, OT Connect provides your company with ability to engage your audience 24/7 while streaming video live, simlive and on-demand. In addition to live streaming, OT Connect allows you to engage your viewers through our live chat and social media integration tool that includes Facebook, Twitter and more!

Product Features

  • Our ecommerce feature allows you to create a simple and direct way for your audience to purchase services and products online
  • OT Connect offers robust analytics and provides detailed demographic info that will help you understand and interact with your viewing audience
  • 24/7 support through our dedicated and on-call OT Support team

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