About our Live Event Streaming

Our live video streaming service makes streaming live events simple. We will work directly with your company to deploy the best solution for live video streaming for your live event. Stream your live event 24/7 and broadcast it on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Live Video Streaming for Live Events Includes:

Multi Device Delivery

Your live content can be available on any mobile and tablet with no additional configuration required. The live feed is automatically encoded into Flash RTMP and Apple HTTP live streaming, in 3 qualities. You can also view your feed through the use of our QR code system on your mobile device.

Global Delivery

OT Live is fully integrated with Akamai HD, ensuring stable distribution and quality worldwide. Our service can deploy your stream across the globe with quick load times and nearly zero latency for your viewers.

24/7 Feeds

Broadcast your 24/7 live feed through OT Cloud that has been specially adapted for television, in order to provide a continuous live broadcast. You can also utilize advanced scheduling which allows you to match the experience offered through traditional cable and satellite operators.

Event Feeds

Send your live feed from an event show or webcam device. You can also monitor your feed through the OT Cloud console before sharing and publish your live feed with just one click.

Schedule Your Live Event

By using our simple scheduling tool, you can help plan your event in advance. Prior to the event’s start date, you can also inform your audience through our interactive countdown tool.

Real-Time Analytics

Track your audience connection and participation with real-time analytics, along with detailed analysis about connections per devices, formats, average duration of connection, and gigabytes transferred.

Product Features

  • Stream your live event on any device, anytime and anywhere in the world
  • Track audience connection with real-time analytics
  • Schedule your live event in advance and utilize our interactive countdown tool

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