Best in class live video transport machine

OT EXPRESS is a premier IP Distribution transport service that delivers content on its highest quality at a fraction of what traditional terrestrial, satellite, and cable operators charge.

This cost-effective solution considerably reduces your transport expenses without compromising your content’s quality. OT EXPRESS provides businesses with the ability to deliver video efficiently by managing distribution and preventing video from impacting mission critical applications on the network. OT EXPRESS also can deliver flexible and controlled access of one-way live or recorded video communication to a local or geographically dispersed location.


Value Proposition

thumbQuick ROI

cell Huge savings in operational costs (OPEX) without compromising quality

eyeNo single point of failure by leveraging IP network as backup

gears Guaranteed service continuity


  • Viewers have become more sophisticated and demand high quality content 24/7
  • The broadcast industry has had to take a step back and seek new and affordable alternatives
  • OT EXPRESS reduces network costs by using the Internet
  • Our service enables all types of distributors to use the Internet as a viable transport solution for broadcast quality video 24/7 at a fraction of traditional delivery methods
  • Our cloud is designed for high reliability with no single point of failure
  • This high-speed Internet solution appears to be irresistibly convenient when it comes down to cutting expenses while maintaining the best quality for your customers

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