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Our OlympusHD encoder’s partnered with our KB software is ideal for streaming live events and OTT broadcast channels. 100% software-based, KB combines 4:2:2 High Profile H.264 encoding with advanced bandwidth controls to optimize both uplink and Internet delivery of high definition adaptive bit rate (ABR) video streams.

As a software-based platform, KB is equally powerful when deployed for source stream encoding or for highly flexible cloud-based transcoding built upon the very reliable Linux operating system. OlympusHD encoding systems support up to four 1080p HD sources, either baseband or as IP streams to be transcoded. When deployed within the cloud, OT provides a true turnkey standalone services with both Transport Stream and RTMP ingest, allowing existing workflows to immediately take advantage of cloud efficiencies. As a software platform unrestricted by proprietary hardware technology, an investment in OlympusHD encoders will extend for many years, assuring the best ROI in its class.

OlympusHD and software provides the highest uplink bandwidth utilization and the highest quality streams for any given bitrate. Our systems combine Constant Bit Rate (CBR) output with Dynamic Stream Shaping (DSS) to dynamically change the bitrate to compensate for fluctuations in uplink bandwidth availability. This assures the best Internet delivery of any source stream over any network condition.

Dynamic Flash and Adaptive HLS Based on an advanced implementation of the highly efficient H.264 codec, our leading software natively supports both Adobe’s Dynamic Flash™ streaming protocol (RTMP) with the largest global penetration of playback devices, and Apple’s Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol supported by iPhone™, iPad™, and Android phone and tablet devices, as well as set-top boxes such as the Roku™ streaming player.

Product Features

  • 100% software-based with a high ROI and scalable performance
  • Constant Bitrate output with the most efficient use of uplink and Internet bandwidth
  • Turnkey and easy to deploy Internet encoding solution

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