Film to HD Conversion

Restoration Olympusat has opened a digital post-production facility in Mexico City, Mexico and West Palm Beach, Florida, dedicated to high-definition, digital re-mastering and restoration of classic and contemporary films from Mexico, Latin America and Spain.  Our process includes digitally ingesting 35mm and 16mm films at 2K & 4K DPX files for restoration. This process enables your content to be repurposed into High-Definition (HD) broadcast or digital cinema formats.

Restoration and Color Correction

RestorationOlympusat’s post-production studios in Mexico City and West Palm Beach also provide Restoration & Color Correction services with Hollywood grade output. Our restoration artists work 24/7 on classic and contemporary film restoration, repairing film damage such as scratches, dirt and tears. Olympusat restores feature films, seasoned documentaries, television series and historical footage that originated on film from libraries in the U.S. and Latin America. Olympusat uses the Emmy award-winning DaVinci Resolve color correction system, the standard in post-production since 1984, and DaVinci Revival, the world’s leading film restoration software. Our Color Correction process brings damaged film back to life with vibrant colors. Olympusat also can handle all color grading needs for your new feature film or video production. Olympusat's team of colorists will help you achieve the color look you want.

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