How to Manage Content

We are currently building out a list of resources for our online video platform. In the meantime please contact your account relations manager for help with managing your content.

I Forgot My Login Information

If this is the case please contact your account relations manager directly who will assist you in logging into your account.

How to Upload a Video

In the near future we will have resources for managing these FAQ’s in the meantime please contact your account relations manager for assistance with uploading your video content.

Where can I find more information on how to use OT Cloud?

To download the user guides for the OT Cloud click here.



Why can’t I see my video?

  • a. Where are you trying to view the video from? What is the URL your video is embedded on?
  • b. Can you connect to the internet? Is your ISP having problems?
  • c. Are you using a mobile device and if so which one?
  • d. Can you view videos on other websites like Youtube?
  • e. What is your internet connection speed?
    • i. Visit www.testmy.net to run a diagnostic.
  • f. Are you behind a corporate firewall?
  • i. Are ports 1935, 443, and 80 open?
  • g. What is the name of your project in your account?
    • i. Is the project a copy or a clone?
      ii. Is it a live project

      • 1. Is the live project scheduled for broadcast?
      • 2. Have you tried restarting the media encoder?
        • a. Is it one of our media encoders or owned by the customer?
      • 3. Does the live project have a stream package associated with it?
    • iii. Which embed code was used?
  • h. What is the name(s) of the media assets that are not playing?
    • i. Have they been deleted in the account?
    • ii. Have they been removed from the project?
    • iii. Are the media assets still transcoding?
  • i. Which web browser are you using?
    • i. Have you tried an alternate browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE)
  • j. Have you tried viewing on another computer?
  • k. Is Adobe Flash updated?
  • l. Are you using referrer security to block the video from playing?
    • i. Which URL’s are blocked?
  • m. Were you able to reproduce the client’s problem?
    • i. If not have the client send a screenshot along with any error messages.


Why can’t I login to my OT Cloud account? *Before escalating to the Account Relations Manager ask*

Why can’t I upload my video/image/or powerpoint presentation?

  • a. How large is the file size?
    • i. If the file is above 100MB in size you must upload it through the embedded FTP widget or using the FTP credentials obtainable in the account with a 3rd party FTP client like FileZilla. Uploading via FTP supports up to 3GB. If larger files need to be uploaded escalate to the Account Relations Manager.
    • ii. If there is an error message what does it read?
  • b. Which format is the image type? Accepted formats are JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SWF.


How come I can no longer create a project using the same player I have always used?

  • a. What is the name of the video player you use?
  • b. Note that older flash based only players are considered legacy players. The AppStudio foundation players cover most popular design layouts and can be further customized to just about any look and feel as well as support fallback to HTML5 devices for playout on iProducts. For full support of playout on these devices it is recommended that uploaded content be transcoded with our built in “Universal Transcode” profiles.

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