Point to Point

About OT Express (Point to Point)

OT Express is a premier point-to-point streaming video solution that allows businesses to deliver and manage video distribution more effectively. What is the reason behind most streaming video problems? Dated legacy transport protocols that were never designed to handle the challenging network conditions encountered by streaming video. Enter OT Express. Taking a fresh look at the issue of video quality and reliability, Olympusat Telecom has developed a new end-to-end video transport solution that eliminates these issues at the source.

OT Express provides businesses with the ability to deliver video efficiently by managing distribution and preventing video from impacting mission critical applications on the network. OT Express also can deliver flexible and controlled access of one-way live or recorded video communication to a local or geographically dispersed location.

This point-to-point solution offers quality, reliability and can effectively reduce costs in comparison with remote video caching systems, network upgrades, and web sharing applications. OT Express also operates over the Internet and private IP wired or wireless networks, which can be easily integrated in to your business’ existing workflow. In addition, OT Express provides our clients with convenient and easy-to-use monitoring and management tools

Product Features

  • Provides multi-screen support: streams video to desktops, laptops, displays, tablets, and smartphones
  • Offers efficient bandwidth utilization for improved video quality and viewing experiences across all devices
  • Guarantees secure video distribution to remote sites over the public Internet

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